Routine & One Time Clean-Outs


Routine Destruction

Normal business practices produce a wide-variety of sensitive documents on a daily basis. All your sensitive documents can be conveniently placed in one of our secure containers, which are provided free of charge. Once a frequency of service is determined to fit your individual needs, our friendly and trustworthy Security Specialist will arrive to securely destroy those documents in seconds-flat. Nothing could be simpler! Let our Security Consultant custom fit a destruction program for you today!

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One-Time Clean-Outs

Many customers have stored documents that only need to be destroyed once a quarter or maybe once a year. It is important that no sensitive documents are kept beyond their useful life, in order to limit your company's exposure to liability. At Southern Shred, we handle bulk shredding jobs from one-box to semi truck loads! At 6,000 lbs per hour, we can shred those stored records in minutes.


Secure Containers


Secure Destruction Is A Breeze!

Southern Shred offers two styles of secure, lockable containers. All containers are provided to our routine customers free of charge. These containers are placed throughout your facility, making our shredding service convenient to all employees. Once the documents are placed in our containers, your job is complete!

Select A Secure Container

Our large volume containers have a 200-250 lbs. capacity, and have a lockable lid with paper slot. Our professional consoles have a 70-100 lbs. capacity, and provide a lockable cabinet.


AAA Certified Secure

AAA Certified Secure

It's Nobody's Business But Yours!

When you deposit your sensitive material into our secure, locked containers, you get the peace of mind of knowing that those documents will not fall into the wrong hands. Our NAID Certification requires Southern Shred to be audited by a Certified Professional on a regular basis, including random unannounced visits. This assures you that we have met the strictest security standards available.

In House Shredders Are Risky Business!

  • Discarded shreds only tell the bad guys what to take
  • Shredding yourself provides NO RECORD of compliance
  • Office shredders break down
  • Employees hate using slow office shredders
  • Office shredders can't handle paper fasteners
  • Most employees are paid too much to sit and shred

What Law? Are You Compliant?

What Law

Identity Theft And Information-based Fraud Is The Fastest Growing Crime In The US

Many laws are in place to secure privacy and protect against identity theft and information-based fraud. Let Southern Shred help you be compliant!

Current Laws


Protect Your Business & The Environment



Preserving the environment is everyone's responsibility. Once your documents are completely destroyed, the shredded material is taken to a secure recycling facility. Paper mills will then reproduce the shredding material into low-grade paper products such as napkins and paper towels. By using our service, your employees and customers see that your company cares about more than just the bottom line.

Box Types: What type do you have?

Box Types

Box Destruction Couldn't Be Easier

No clean-out too big or too small for Southern Shred! Each type of storage box can be securely shreddeded with our document destruction technology.

  • A: Paper Box - 16 x 12 x 9
  • B: Legal Box - 24 x 12 x 10
  • C: Bankers Box - 15 x 12 x 10

What separates us from the competition?

*Southern Shred Provides the Highest Level of Security
The Best in the Industry
*Outstanding Customer Service
Second to None
*Competitive Pricing
Fair and Honest
*Customized Paper Flow Management
Highly Trained Security Specialists
*NAID Member
National Association for Information Destruction
*NAID Certified
NAID Certification of Strictest Security Standards
Once a Week, Once a Year, or Anytime!
Service Begins at Less Than $30 Per Month
One Time Clean Out Service Available

Serving Greater Houston Areas:

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