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Routine Destruction

Normal business practices produce a wide-variety of sensitive documents on a daily basis. Whether it's a sticky-note with a customer phone number or a company-wide financial report. All your sensitive documents can be conveniently placed in one of our secure containers, which are provided free of charge. Once a frequency of service is determined to fit your individual needs, our friendly and trustworthy Security Specialist will arrive to securely destroy those documents in seconds-flat. Nothing could be simpler! Let our Security Consultant custom fit a destruction program for you today!

One-Time Clean-Outs

Many customers have stored documents that only need to be destroyed once a quarter or maybe once a year. It is important that no sensitive documents are kept beyond their useful life, in order to limit your company's exposure to liability. At Southern Shred, we handle bulk shredding jobs from one-box to semi truck loads! At 6,000 lbs per hour, we can shred those stored records in minutes.

Collection & Destruction

Our bonded, uniformed, and insured Security Specialist will collect your sensitive documents from all provided containers. Once the documents have been collected, our Security Specialist will take them directly to our high speed shredding truck. The truck will automatically load the documents and destroy them at over 100 lbs. per minute, on-site. Our secured system ensures every document is completely destroyed before leaving your facility.

Convenience - Effortless document destruction

Are your employees shredding everything they should? Everyone will admit that shredding is a mundane task and something they'd rather avoid. When our secure lockable containers are placed near your high volume areas, the convenience ensures that your employees are properly destroying all sensitive documents.

Cost Savings - What is your time worth?

When budgets are tight, few can afford to have expensive staff wasting time on tasks such as shredding. If you are still using an office shredder, stop and consider the time your valuable employees spend on such a mundane task. Most employers are surprised at the total expense involved with desk side shredders and how affordable outsourcing to Southern Shred can be.