NAID Certification

Who Certifies A Document Shredding Company?

National Association for Information Destruction (NAID) is the international trade association for companies providing information destruction services. NAID’s mission is to promote the Information Destruction Industry along the standards and ethics of its member companies. By selecting a NAID Certified Contractor, you demonstrate that you have made your choice about information protection with care, diligence and respect for the law.

What is required to be AAA certified?

Any company that wishes to undergo AAA Certification must meet a stringent set of requirements outlined by the NAID Board of Directors. On-Site examinations must be completed by a third-party auditor. Only security professionals with the Certified Protection Professional (CPP) accreditation can conduct these annual audits.

AAA Requirements
Quality of Shred
Particle size is an important part of determining the security level of a shredding service. Every truck that Southern Shred operates has been examined by the auditors to ensure that we have met the quality of shred required for the very highest level of Certification, AAA.
Proper Insurance
Our $2 million of general liability coverage helps protect you and your business from unforeseen risks.
Employee Screening
When you entrust Southern Shred with your sensitive documents, you can be certain that our staff has been properly screened. AAA Certification provides you with this proof.
Written Policies & Procedures
AAA Certification requires that Southern Shred has specific policies and procedures that govern all operations. This provides a high-quality, consistent level of service for each of our clients.